A Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) was killed by local community in Domail Bala village, in Upper Neelum valley, AJK in October, 2011. According to Mr. Usman Ali, a representative of Breath Foundation, AJK the wolf caused a damage of around Pak Rs. 150,000/- by killing more than 25 sheep and goats in the area during two months. Wolves use to come down in the Neelum Valley during autumn (September) each year and go back to high altitudes in Karakorum Mountain Ranges after spring (April) using the Deosai Plateau as a corridor. Local residents told that the killed wolf and its pack could not migrate backward during April due to prolonged winter season last year. When these animals found plenty of food with fewer disturbances, they
preferred to stay here and the killed wolf dared to live in close proximity of villages and kept on hunting livestock until October last year when it was killed finally.