Wildlife Safari / Salt Range

Wildlife Safari / Eco-Tourism / Eco-Internship

In Salt Range
with Pakistan Wildlife Foundation

Two-day Eco-trips on weekends


Pakistan hosts a wide range of ecosystems / habitat types and associated biological diversity due to its unique geographical and climatic conditions. There are snow covered peaks, permanent snowfields, lush green as well as barren mountains, forests, irrigated plains, riverine tracts, sand dunes and deserts and coastal areas. Pakistan Wildlife Foundation (PWF) offers an opportunity for the NATURE LOVERS in Pakistan and abroad to explore the nature and natural wealth of Pakistan through Wildlife Safari, Eco- tourism and Eco-Internship in the Salt Range, Punjab, Pakistan.


1.Khewara Salt Mines and coal mines
2.Dhok Tahlian & Khokhar Zair Dam (Fruit bats watching)
3.Choa Saidan Shah
4.Katas Raj Mandir (Archeological site)
5.Kallar Kahar Lake (Waterfowl and Peafowl watching)
6.Bun Ameer Khatoon (Paleontological site)
7.Jalalpur Forest (Urial watching)
8.Historic points of Romans (Alexander the Great)
9.Famous place where Al Beruni calculated the Radius of earth


Explore nature, observe wildlife in natural habitats and experience wildlife photography
Camping, tracking, hiking and camp fire in wild lands
Visit of salt mines, coal mines, paleontological and archeological sites in the Salt Range
Learn basic First Aid techniques and tips while camping in the wild
Availability of doctors in the field in case of any medical emergency
Enjoy local foods and folk music during camping
Experiential learning through field expeditions
Meeting with eminent wildlife ecologists and conservationists of the country
Separate trips for male and female students and family groups
Trips are organized in collaboration with wildlife departments and security agencies
Media coverage of the entire event and short documentary of the event
MCQs type test of all participants and certificate distribution among successful participants
Free membership of Pakistan Wildlife Foundation for one year to the topper of MCQs test


NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS 25 (First come first served)
REGISTRATION FEE Rs. 9,000/- Fee covers all expenses including boarding, lodging, traveling and food

Mr. Kaleemullah        Cell: 0332-6053442
Mr. Salman Ahmad    Cell: 0336-7070346
Mr. Aftab Ahmad        Cell: 0341-9544019



Day 1: Saturday

06:30 am Departure for Khewara from Islamabad / Lahore / Faisalabad via motor way
08:30 am Arrival at Lillah Inter-change and breakfast
09:30 am Arrival at Khewara and visit of salt mines
11:00 am Departure for Katas Raj Mandir
11:45 am Arrival at Katas Raj Mandir and visit of Katas archeological sites
01:00 pm Arrival at Dhok Tahlian Dam
01:30 pm Lunch at Dhok Tahlian Dam
03:30 pm Departure for Khokhar Zair Dam
04:15 pm Arrival at Khokhar Zair Dam, tea / refreshment
05:00 pm Watching the fruits bats at Khokhar Zair Dam
05:45 pm Departure for Dhok Tahlian Dam
06:15 pm Arrival at Dhok Tahlian Dam and camping
07:00 pm First Aid Tips
08:00 pm Bonfire, folk music, diner and night stay, fishing in the dam

Day 2: Sunday

06:30 am Morning walk, visit of the dam, tracking
08:00 am Breakfast
09:00 am Departure for Kallar Kahar
09:45 am Arrival at Kallar Kahar, visit of arq (essence) industry and peafowl watching
10:45 am Tea / Refreshment at Kallar Kahar
11:45 am Arrival at Jalalpur Wildlife Sanctuary. Tracking and Urial watching
01:45 pm Arrival at Dhok Tahlian Dam and lunch
03:15 pm Boating and bird watching in the dam
04:15 pm MCQs type test of all participants
04:45 pm Tea / Refreshment
05:00 pm Result announcement and certificate distribution and group photo
05:30 pm Departure for Islamabad / Lahore / Faisalabad
07:30 pm Arrival at Islamabad / Lahore / Faisalabad


These 2-day trips are organized on weekends i.e. Saturday-Sunday.
However, these trips can also be organized according to desired dates of participants.
Number of participants for such eco-trips and wildlife safari should at least be 12.