Brochure Eco-Internship


Pakistan Wildlife Foundation offers three types of internships to school, college and university students:
1. Degree Base Internship
This 6-8 weeks internship provides a platform and an opportunity to university students who require such internship  as a compulsory part of their degree. Pakistan Wildlife Foundation has signed MoUs with different universities and accommodates a number of students each year.

2. PWF Paid Internship
Pakistan Wildlife Foundation offers 6-week to 3-months paid internship to such university students who have completed their degrees or waiting for the results. Internships are according to the requirements of the foundation.

3. Eco-internship
This is a field oriented one-week internship. The internees are  taken to different protected areas in the country. A biodiversity
specialist, a medical specialist and two security guards accompany each group and the internees are trained for species identification, census methods, tracking, marking, camping and First-Aid. The internees are given certificates after evaluation in the field through MCQs.

Eco-internship is of two types:
a) Eco-internship for Earth-watch volunteers
Students of secondary and higher secondary education are accommodated that have interest in Nature and wildlife.
b) Eco-Internship for Young Scientists
Students of bachelors, masters, M. Phil and PhD of relevant fields are accommodated.