Pakistan Wildlife Foundation (PWF) is a non-profit conservation organization set up under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984. The foundation was incorporated with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) in October 2010 under the Corporate Universal Identification No. 0073723. The mission of the organization is to educate the masses in the country regarding biodiversity and environment and to change their attitudes towards positive, sensible and responsible actions for nature. The objectives of the foundation are to help protect, preserve, conserve, manage and sustainably utilize wildlife and their habitats in the country, and to provide a platform for the public and professionals to share their wildlife related experiences and ideas; and publicize them for students, researchers, policy makers, administrators and general public.

To meet the expenses of different conservational activities like capacity building and training workshops, wildlife seminars and conferences, stipends and scholarships for young scientists etc. Pakistan Wildlife Foundation has planned to offer consultancy services for;

  • Wildlife Surveys and Monitoring
  • Ecological Studies
  • Socio Economic Surveys
  • Wildlife Damage Control
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Sociological Impact Assessments (SIA)
  • Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)
  • Training of Trainers (ToTs) for Wildlife and Allied Departments

Highly qualified and experienced wildlife managers, ecologists, biologists, sociologists and environmentalists are available with Pakistan Wildlife Foundation. The core of experts of Pakistan Wildlife Foundation include;

1. Mr. Waseem Ahmad Khan (Mammalogy, Herpetology)

2. Dr. Abdul Aleem Chaudhry (Management, Ecology, Forestry, Mammalogy, Ornithology)

3. Prof. Z. B. Mirza (Ornithology, Ecology, Taxidermi)

4. Dr. Mohammad Sharif Khan (Herpetology)

5. Mr. Naeem Ashraf Raja (Herpetology)

6. Dr. Muhammad Akhtar (Paeleontology)

7. Dr. Rehmatullah Qureshi (Plant Taxonomy)

8. Dr. Asghari Bano (Plant Ecology)

9. Dr. Asad Ghufran (Plant Taxonomy)

10. Dr. Sher Wali (Plant Taxonomy)

11. Dr. Abdul Khaliq (Forestry)

12. Dr. Sarwat Naz Mirza (Forestry)

13. Dr. Mohammad Ramzan Mirza (Fish Taxonomy)

14. Dr. Ather Raffi (Systematics and Insect Taxonomy)

15. Dr. Mohammad Shafique Ahmad (Fish Biology)

16. Dr. Javaid Ayub (Aquaculture and Fish Farming)

17. Dr. Abdul Aziz Khan (Wildlife Damage Control, Urban Wildlife Control and Management)

18. Dr. Anees Ahmad Ghauri (Invertebrates)

19. Dr. Atif Yaqub (Animal Behavior)

20. Mr. Safwan Shahab Ahmad (Animal Behavior)

21. Mr. Abdul Qadeer Mehal (Captive Breeding)

22. Dr. Iftikhar Hussain (Wildlife Food Habit Analysis)

23. Mr. Ghulam Rasool Mughal (Wildlife Photography)

24. Mr. Ahmer Mujtaba (Environmental Science, Information Technology)

25. Dr. Mohammad Afzal (Bio Informatics)

26. Dr. Afsar Mian (Ornithology, Animal Ecology)

27. Dr. Waseem Ahmad Khan (Ornithology, Mammalogy, Biostatistics)

28. Mr. Muhammad Asif Ghumman (Biometrics)

29. Mr. Arshad Abbasi (GIS)

30. Dr. Bashir Ahmed Tahir (Social Science)

31. Dr. Muhammad Siddique Awan (Ecology)

32. Dr. Shehnaz Akhter Rana (Soil Biodiversity)

33. Dr. Elizbeth Stephen (Apiculture)

34. Dr. A. A. Qureshi (Zoo Management)

35. Ms. Bushra Nisar Khan (Zoo Management)

36. Dr. Uzair Ahmed (Public Health & Veterinary Medicine)