Through Distant Learning

(Duration 03 Months)

Pakistan Wildlife Foundation offers a wide range of short courses related to wildlife and wildlife habitats and their conservation and management. Each course is of 3-months duration including a written test, a viva and a one-day orientation workshop. Study material will be send to the students in three parts/assignments; one part per month along with a questionnaire. The study material will be in English language however, a few courses are available in both English and Urdu languages. After receiving all the three assignments back, a written test and a one-day orientation workshop will be organized and certificates will be awarded to the successful students. Those who will fail to qualify the test will be offered an orientation regarding the course and then a viva for the award of the certificate.

  • Fee for one course is Rs. 4,500/- including study material, written test, one day orientation, charges of the resource person and certificate.
  • Written test and Viva will be organized in different cities and the registered students must inform the Organization about their nearest city where they would like to appear for the test and viva.


  • Download application form or fill up online form
  • Deposit the fee Rs. 4,500/- for one course
  • Fee can be deposited in any branch of Standard Chartered Bank
  • Account Title: Pakistan Wildlife Foundation
  • Account No.    01-1887296-01
  • Email the complete form along with an attachment of deposit slip to Pakistan Wildlife Foundation at; info@wildlife.org.pk
  • OR send the complete form (hard copy) along with a photo copy of the deposit slip to Pakistan Wildlife Foundation at;

Pakistan Wildlife Foundation, Basement Balochistan Plaza, Fazal-e-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad

  • One applicant can attend maximum two courses at a time but separate form for each course will be required.


1.        Wildlife Management

2.        Over-abundant Wildlife Management

3.        Vegetation Survey Techniques

4.        Introduction to Forests of Pakistan

5.        Introduction to Eco-systems of Pakistan

6.        Protected Areas Management

7.        Principles of Animal Taxonomy

8.        Icthyological Survey Techniques

9.        Herpetological Survey Techniques

10.      Bird Watching Techniques

11.      Small Mammals Field Techniques

12.      Large Mammals Field Techniques

13.      Fundamentals of Herpetology

14.      Fundamentals of Ornithology

15.      Fundamentals of Mammalogy

16.      Fundamentals of Taxidermy

17.      Fundamentals of Ecology / Environmental Biology

18.      Fundamentals of Zoogeography

19.      Fundamentals of Paleontology

20.      Fundamentals of Evolutionary Biology

21.      Wildlife Population Assessment Techniques

22.      Wildlife Habitat Analysis (Including habitat types of Pakistan)

23.      Wildlife Food Habit Analysis

24.      Wildlife Damage Control (Including urban wildlife damage and prevention)

25.      Wildlife Photography Techniques

26.      Wildlife Policies, Laws and Administration

27.      Zoo Management

28.      Captive Breeding Techniques

29.      Animal Behavior and Adaptations

30.      Climate Change and Adaptations

31.      Aquaculture and Fish Farming

32.      Solid Waste Management

33.      Environmental Management

34.      Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

35.      Natural Resource Management

36.      Forest Biomass Assessment

37.      GIS and Remote Sensing

38.      Emergency First Aid with CPR

39.      Scientific and Technical Writing (including Popular, Review and Research Articles)

40.      CITES, NCCW and TRAFFIC; Roles, Rules and Regulations with Global Trends


1.        Dr. Rehmatullah Qureshi (Botany, Plant Taxonomy)

2.        Dr. Asghari Bano (Plant Ecolgy)

3.        Dr. Asad Ghufran (Plant Taxonomy)

4.        Dr. Sher Wali (Plant Taxonomy)

5.        Dr. Mohammad Ramzan Mirza (Fish Taxonomy)

6.        Mr. Javaid Ayub (Aquaculture and Fish Farming)

7.        Dr. Muhammad Ayub (Aquaculture and Fish Farming)

8.        Dr. Mohammad Shafique Ahmad (Fish Biology)

9.        Dr. Mohammad Sharif Khan (Herpetology)

10.      Mr. Waseem Ahmad Khan (Herpetology, Mammalogy)

11.      Mr. Naeem Ashraf Raja (Herpetology)

12.      Dr. Waseem Ahmad Khan (Ornithology, Mammalogy, Biostatistics)

13.      Dr. Abdul Aleem Chaudhry (Mammalogy, Ecology, Forestry, Wildlife Legislation)

14.      Dr. Abdul Khaliq (Forestry)

15.      Prof. Z. B. Mirza (Ornithology, Ecology)

16.      Dr. Afsar Mian (Ornithology)

17.      Prof. Abdul Aziz Khan (Wildlife Management, Wildlife Damage Control)

18.      Dr. Atif Yaqub (Animal Behavior, Environment)

19.      Ms. Bushra Nisar Khan (Zoo Management)

20.      Mr. Safwan Shahab Ahmad (Animal Behavior, Captive Breeding)

21.      Mr. Abdul Qadeer Mahal (Captive Breeding)

22.      Mr. Ghulam Rasool Mughal (Wildlife Photography)

23.      Mr. Ahmer Mujtaba (Environmental Science)

24.      Mr. Arshad Abbasi (GIS Expert)