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Pakistan hosts a wide range of ecosystems / habitat types and associated biological diversity due to its unique geographical and climatic conditions. There are snow covered peaks, permanent snowfields, lush green as well as barren mountains, forests, irrigated plains, riverine tracts, sand dunes and deserts and coastal areas. Pakistan Wildlife Foundation offers an opportunity for the NATURE LOVERS in Pakistan and abroad to explore the nature and natural wealth of Pakistan through Wildlife Safari and Eco-Internship in Sindh Province from March 24 to 02 April 20121.

Places to Visit


Sukkur Barrage Wildlife Sanctuary (Indus dolphin, migratory birds)


Mehrano (Wild boar and hog deer in wild, migratory birds) Palace of
HH Mir Talpur


Chotiari Wetlands Complex (Smooth-coated otter)


Karoonjhar Hills, archeological sites


Run of Katch


Makli Graveyard and Haleji lake in Thatta


Kirthar National Park (Camping, observe Sindh Ibex, Urial)


Hawks Bay (beach) Karachi, watching Mangrove forests, mud skipper)


Sindh University, Jamshoro, visit of Sindh Cultural Museum


Mohinjo Darro, Nodero, Garhee Khuda Bakhsh


Shrine of Khwaja Ghulam Farid of Chachran Sharif, Mithan Kot, RAJANPUR

Tentative Program

Day 1

Sunday February 24, 2019

• 04:00 am Departure from Islamabad via motorway
• 07:00 am Arrival at Faisalabad and breakfast
• 08:00 am Departure for Lal Suhanra National Park (Bahawalpur) via Jhang
• 11:30 am Arrival at Fish Hatchery (Bahawalpur), visit of the hatchery and Tea / refreshment
• 01:00 pm Arrival at Lal Suhanra National Park and visit of Black buck enclosure
• 01:30 pm Lunch at RD 50 (Forest Guest House) Lal Suhanra National Park
• 02:30 pm Departure for Rahim Yar Khan
• 05:00 pm Arrival at Rahim Yar Khan and visit of Houbara Bustard Rehabilitation Center
• 06:00 pm Departure for Sukkur
• 09:00 pm Arrival at Sukkur, diner and night stay

Day 2

Monday February 25, 2019

• 07:00 am Breakfast
• 07:30 am Visit of the Sukkur Barrage, boating and dolphin safari
• 10:00 am Arrival at Khairpur, visit of Mehrano, hog deer, wild boar and migratory birds
• 11:30 am Visit of royal palace, meeting with HH Mir sahib, group photo, tea / lunch
• 01:30 pm Departure for Chotiari Wetlands Complex, Sanghar
• 05:00 pm Arrival at Chotiari Wetlands Complex, tea / refreshment
• 05:30 pm Boating and visit of the dam
• 06:30 pm Camping, bonfire and night stay

Day 3

Tuesday February 26, 2019

• 07:00 am Breakfast
• 07:30 am Departure for Tharparkar via Mirpur Khas and Mithi
• 11:30 am Arrival at Mithi and Tea / refreshment
• 12:30 pm Visit of the Mithi town and cultural view from hill top
• 01:30 pm Lunch at hill point in Mithi
• 02:30 pm Departure for Karoonjhar hills (Nagar parkar)
• 03:30 pm Arrival at Karoonjhar hills, peafowl photography, Tea / refreshment
• 05:30 pm Arrival at Nagar parkar

Day 4

Wednesday February 27, 2019

• 07:00 am Breakfast
• 08:30 am Visit of Sardaro Mandir, Budhisar mosque and Karoonjhar hills
• 10:30 am Observe peafowl, white-backed vulture, Indian vulture and wildlife photography
• 11:00 am Departure for Run of Katch, Badin
• 01:30 pm Lunch on the way
• 03:00 pm Arrival at Thatta; Visit of Makli Graveyard and Haleji lake, watching migratory birds and crocodiles.
• 06:30 pm Arrival at Khaar Center in Kirthar National Park, rest and tea / refreshments
• 08:00 am Camping, bonfire, night stay

Day 5

Thursday February 28, 2019

• 07:00 am Breakfast
• 07:30 am Visit to some villages in the national park
• 09:30 am Tracking along mountains and wildlife photography
• 01:30 pm Lunch at Khaar Center in Kirther National Park
• 02:30 pm Departure for Hawks bay via Karachi
• 05:30 pm Arrival at Hawks bay; bird watching, sunset at beach, watching Green Turtles
• 08:00 pm Camping, dinner and night stay at Hawks bay

Day 6

Friday March 1, 2019

• 06:30 am Breakfast at Hawks bay
• 07:30 am Departure for Sindh University, Jamshoro
• 10:30 am Arrival at Sindh University, Jamshoro, tea / refreshments, visit of Sindhialogy Cultural Museum
• 12:30 pm Departure for Mohinjo Darro, Larkana
• 02:30 pm Arrival at Mohinjo Darro, Larkana, Lunch and visit of Mohinjo Darro
• 04:00 pm visit of Lung Lake and photography of migratory birds
• 05:30 pm Arrival at Nodero, Garhee Khuda Bakhsh, Larkana
• 07:00 pm Diner and night stay at Larkana

Day 7

Saturday March 2, 2019

• 06:30 am Breakfast
• 07:30 am Departure for Mithan Kot, Rajanpur
• 11:00 am Arrival at Mithan Kot, visit of shrine of Khawaja Ghulam Farid of Chachran Sharif
• 11:30 am Departure from Rajanpur for Muzaffar Garh
• 01:30 pm Arrival at Muzaffar Gharh and lunch
• 02:30 pm MCQ type test of all the participants and certificate distribution
• 03:30 pm Departure for Islamabad via Jhang
• 05:00 pm Arrival at Jhang and tea / refreshments
• 05:30 pm Departure for Islamabad via Shorkot Motorway
• 07:30 pm Diner on the way
• 10:30 pm Arrival at Islamabad

Sindh Wildlife Safari Attractions

Explore nature and observe wildlife in natural habitats

Experience wildlife photography in wild habitats

Camping and tracking in wild lands

Observe the natural beauty in Kirthar National Park (Sindh)

Learn basic First Aid techniques and tips while camping in the wild

Available facility of medical officer during the field visit

Enjoy local foods and folk music

Experiential learning through field expeditions

Meeting with eminent wildlife ecologists and conservationists of the country

Opportunities of separate trips for male, female and family groups

Trips are organized in collaboration with wildlife departments and security agencies

Media coverage of the entire event and short documentary of the event

MCQs type test of all participants and certificate distribution among successful participants

Free membership of Pakistan Wildlife Foundation for one year to the topper of MCQs test

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Registration Deadline

February 18, 2019

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 25 (First come first served)



(Fee covers all expenses including boarding, lodging, traveling, food)

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