(February 21 to 23, 2014)




Pakistan hosts a wide range of ecosystems / habitat types and associated biological diversity due to its unique geographical and climatic conditions. There are snow covered peaks, permanent snowfields, lush green as well as barren mountains, forests, irrigated plains, riverine tracts, sand dunes and deserts and coastal areas.


Pakistan Wildlife Foundation jointly with its partner organizations and educational institutions offers an opportunity for the NATURE LOVERS in Pakistan and abroad to explore the nature and natural wealth of Pakistan through Wildlife Safari in the Salt Range in Punjab from February 7 to 9, 2014. This Wildlife Safari is also an opportunity to experience wildlife photography and observe and enjoy the outstanding scenery, natural landscape, majestic and awe-inspiring places, natural flora and fauna in their natural states.




  • Dhok Tahlian and Khokhar Zair Dams, District Chakwal
  • Bun Ameer Khatoon, Paleontological site, District Chakwal
  • Kund Forest and Uchhali Lake, District Khushab
  • Katas Mandir (District Chakwal) and Amb Sharif (District Khushab) Archaeological sites




  • Observe wildlife in Salt Range including Punjab Urial, Yellow-throated martin, Red fox, Indian pangolin, Crested porcupine, Roosting bats and a number of migratory birds at different wetlands
  • Observe Archaeological and Paleontological sites in the Salt Range
  • Experience wildlife photography around different lakes and wild-lands in the Salt Range
  • Meet and learn from eminent wildlife ecologists and biodiversity specialists of the country
  • Tracking, hiking and camping in wild-lands in the Salt Range
  • Learn basic First Aid techniques while camping in the wild
  • Certificates of Wildlife Photography Field Training for the participants
  • Folk music and local foods






  • Mr. Zahoor Salmi
  • Mr. Osama Ahmad Farooqi




  • Dr. Zulfiqar Ali (Department of Zoology, University of the Punjab, Lahore)
  • Dr. Khalid Mehmood Anjum (Department of Wildlife & Ecology, UVAS, Pattoki)
  • Dr. Atif Yaqub (Department of Zoology, GCU, Lahore)
  • Mr. Muhammad Naeem Bhatti (Director Lahore Zoo)
  • Mr. Saqib Mehmood (DFO, Chakwal)
  • Dr. Waseem Ahmad Khan (Pakistan Wildlife Foundation)
  • Mr. Safwan Shahab Ahmad (Pakistan Wildlife Foundation)


NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS 25 (First come first served)


SECURITY ISSUES                  These field trainings are organized after consultation with district governments that also provide security staff during these field trainings.


COURSE CONTENTS              History and basics of photography

Introduction to cameras (manual and still)

            Introduction to photographic equipments and kits

Introduction of wildlife and behavior of different animal groups

Techniques for wildlife photography

Processing of raw pictures

International organizations that purchase wildlife photographs

Basic First Aid techniques


REGISTRATION FEE               For registered students             = Rs. 5,000/-

For others                     = Rs. 7,000/-

Fee covers all the expenses including boarding, lodging, traveling & food




Account Title    : Pakistan Wildlife Foundation

Account No.      : 01-1887296-01

Bank                : Standard Chartered Bank

Branch             : F-6 (Super Market) branch, Islamabad


Scan the completed registration form and fee deposit slip and email at; info@wildlife.org.pk

The completed form and fee can also be submitted to;


Mr. Faisal Farooqi (Islamabad):                                     Phone: 051-2856534, 0333-3232832

Dr. Waseem Ahmad Khan (Islamabad):             Phone: 0333-5214333

Mr. Osama Ahmad Farooqi (Rawalpindi):           Phone: 0333-3894668

Mr. Zahoor Salmi (Bhalwaal):                            Phone: 0300-6063236

Mr. Saqib Mehmood (Chakwal):                                     Phone: 054-3444777, 0321-8500100

Dr. Atif Yaqub, (Lahore):                                   Phone: 0331-4341179


Registration Deadline:  Friday, February 14, 2014
Tentative Program


Wildlife Photography Field Training through Wildlife Safari

(February 7 to 9, 2014)


Day 1: Friday February 7, 2014


  • 02:00 pm          Departure from Islamabad / Lahore
  • 05:00 pm          Arrival at Khokhar Zair Dam via Balkasar Interchange (Roosting bats)
  • 06:00 pm          Tea at Khokhar Zair Dam
  • 08:00 pm          Arrival at Dhok Tahlian Dam, dinner and night stay (Camping, folk music)


Day 2: Saturday February 8, 2014


  • 06:30 am          Breakfast
  • 07:30 am          Arrival at Bun Ameer Khatoon Paleontological site
  • 09:30 am          Arrival at Katas Mandir via Choa Saidan Shah
  • 01:00 pm          Arrival at Kund Forest (Tracking, Urial view, photography)
  • 02:00 pm          Lunch
  • 04:00 pm          Arrival in Soon Valley (Steppe Eagle nesting sites and photography)
  • 06:00 pm          Arrival at Khabbeki Lake (Bird watching)


Day 3: Sunday February 9, 2014


  • 06:30 am          Breakfast
  • 07:30 am          Arrival at Amb Sharif (archaeological site, photography of bats)
  • 09:30 am          Arrival at Uchhali Lake (boating, bird watching, photography)
  • 02:00 pm          Lunch in Nowshehra
  • 04:00 pm          Arrival at Kallar Kahar (bird watching, photography, certificates distribution)
  • 06:00 pm          Departure for Islamabad / Lahore