Pakistan Wildlife Foundation has celebrated “World Penguin Day” and “World Squirrels Appreciation Day” simultaneously in a school on January 23, 2018 Islamabad.

Pakistan Wildlife Foundation has also conducted a series of lectures and awareness raising activities especially for students.

PWF arranged a two hours session of different activities, presentation and lectures in “Lyceum International School” in G-13/1 Islamabad. The Vice Chairman PWF Mr. Safwan Shahab Ahmed delivered a comprehensive lecture on the importance of Penguin and their evolutionary stages, he also elaborated the physical characteristics of all 18 species of penguin. After a short while Miss Minahil Safwan, the “Junior Ambassador” addressed the curious students of the said school about most crucial and ecological role of penguins for the sustainable future of our one and only and lonely planet earth. She also shed light on the extra ordinary behavior of Emperor penguin during the long and cold winter of the Antarctica.

Minahil Safwan explained that a healthy population of penguins is essential for the health of our oceans and seas. Penguins eat the krills which weighs about three times the total weight of all humans on this planet.

In the second session Miss Farha Farhat, Coordinator of “Lyceum International School” told the students about the activities of Pakistan Wildlife Foundation and the positive results of green activities. Mr. Safwan told the audience about the history of “World Squirrels Appreciation Day” and its significance for whole world and its unique bio-diversity. The crowd was fully charged and all the little chaps were happy to witnessed the activities.