Muhammad Sharif Khan

Muhammad Sharif Khan


Born in 1939. Graduated from University of the Punjab in 1960, obtained M.Sc. degree in Zoology from Punjab University, Lahore in 1963, awarded Sir William Roberts Gold Medal for standing first in the M.Sc. final examination. Did PhD from University of the Punjab in 1996.

Started carrier at Talimul-Islam College, Rabwah as Lecturer in Zoology (1963), retired after about 38 years of service in 1999, during stay in that mall town, was acclaimed international fame. He proved himself as the lone herpetologist of Pakistan.

Started working on herpetology of Pakistan, when the knowledge about herps in Pakistan was about nil. First research article was published in 1965 in Biologia, Lahore, based on M.Sc. thesis “Development of Bufo melanostictus based on external morphological criteria.” Famous herpetologist Dr. Robert Mertens, Germany corrected the name of the species to Bufo stomaticus, on which I and my supervisor had worked for about 2 years. This indicates the level of knowledge about amphibians among the zoologists in Pakistan at that time.

Have searched almost every corner of Pakistan for reptiles and amphibians and discovered 34 new species, which include 11 snakes, 15 lizards and 8 amphibians.

Have published over 250 research papers in different scientific journals of the world, 10 books and field guides on amphibians and reptiles of Pakistan in English, Urdu and German languages are:

1993. سر زمین پا کستا ن کے سا نپ(Snakes of Pakistan). Publication # 276. Urdu Science Board, 299 Upper Mall, Lahore, pp.229, (in Urdu)

2000. سر ز مین پا کستا ن کے مینڈ ک اور خزندے(Amphibians and reptiles of Pakistan). Publication # 366. Urdu Science board, 299-Upper Mall, Lahore. [in Urdu].

2002. A guide to the snakes of Pakistan. Edition Chimaira, Frankfurt am Main, pp. 265.

2002. Die Schlangen Pakistans. Edition Chimaira, Frankfurt am Main, pp. 265.

2006. Amphibians and Reptiles of Pakistan. Krieger Publishing Company, Malabar, Florida, pp. 311.

2011. Herpetology of Pakistan. Part 1. مینڈک (Frogs). Nia Zamana Publications, Lahore, pp. 96. (in Urdu).
A field guide to the identification of Herps of Pakistan. Part-I: Amphibia. Biological Society of Pakistan, Lahore 1987.

A field guide to the identification of Herps of Pakistan. Part-II: Chelonia, Biological Society of Pakistan, Lahore, 1990.

Venomous terrestrial snakes of Pakistan snake bite problem, In:Snakes of medical importance(Asia-pacific region), pp. 419-446, P. Gopalakrishnaconc and L.M. Chou (eds). National University of Singapore 1990.

Amphibians, Lizards, Turtles and Snakes. Chapter 2 In: Wildlife of Pakistan, Urdu Science Board, 299-Upper Mall, Lahore 1991 (In Urdu).

Have worked on different research projects with WWF-Pakistan and Pakistan Science Foundation. Supervised a number of M.Sc theses. Have trained a number of young scientists which are forwarding his mission.

Donated personal collection of amphibians and reptiles to the Natural History Museum, Government College University, Lahore, in 1999, it included countless number of different species of amphibians and reptiles.

Was awarded the “Zoologist of the year” award in 2002.

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