An unfortunate Smooth coated otter had an accident with a motorbike on a road in Khairpur District of Sindh Province on January 4th, 2012. The otter was injured like the motorbike
rider and was then taken by a group of local hooligan boys. The boys tied a rope around the neck of the otter and dragged it through the streets in the town claiming that they had got
hold of a fearful creature. Finally, as a result of the cruel attitude of locals, lack of awareness about wild animals and violation of animal rights, the innocent otter died in a miserable

Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Gadani, Deputy Conservator of Wildlife, taking notice of the incident, warned the culprits and the community elders took an oath on behalf of the motorbike driver and so the matter was settled. This is not the first incident of animal rights violation but the one which has been highlighted. This incident also reflects the level of awareness among the local communities about wildlife, their importance and ecological role.