Wildlife Photography Training

Salt Range, Punjab


Wildlife photography is an essential tool for monitoring the wildlife populations and is widely applied throughout the world for educational and research purposes. Pakistan Wildlife Foundation, in association with Directorate of Biodiversity, Ministry of Climate Change, Government of Pakistan organized a 3-day Field Training on Wildlife Photography from February 9 to 11, 2013 in Salt Range, Punjab. The objective was to provide an opportunity of Wildlife Photography Field Training to the students, nature lovers and officials of conservation organizations associated with ecological studies in Pakistan.

Seventeen nature lovers representing different colleges, universities, museums and conservation organizations attended the training. Informal lectures on wildlife photography were delivered by Mr. Yasir Nisar whereas; Prof. Z. B. Mirza, Waseem Ahmad Khan and Abdul Aziz Khan accompanied the participants as biodiversity specialists and briefed the participants about the importance, ecological role and behavior of different wildlife species. The training was designed in such a way, which would appeal to an amateur as well as a professional photographer. For the amateurs, the training covered the fundamentals of photography, on the other hand, for the professional photographers advance concepts were included such as, High Dynamic Range, Focusing Techniques and RAW images processing. The participants also enjoyed traveling to the wild habitats in Khokar Zair and Dhok Tahlian Dams, Kalar Kahar, Khabeki and Uchhali lakes, Kund and Ara Basharat forests and Soan valley. The participants also observed different wildlife species in the field and had good opportunities to photograph them. The participants were awarded certificates by Naeem Ashraf Raja, Director of Biodiversity, Ministry of Climate Change during the closing ceremony.